Now that you matched, the game is not over yet; you still have to prepare several documents that are required before you start working at your new hospital. The PC will contact you and let you know the things that you need to do now. Each program deals with their interns' paperwork at their own way, but basically what is required from you is to sign you contract or letter of appointment, obtain a medical license from the state medical board, and if you are not an American citizen or permanent resident, to obtain the visa petition. These documents have to be processed as soon as possible, and be ready before your residency appointment starts.

Some hospitals will make you sign a contract, and others a letter of intent. The contract is a legal document that describes all requirements, responsibilities, and benefits that you will have. A letter of appointment, or letter of intent, is a written agreement between the hospital and you that states the intention of hiring you; no liability may result from breaching this agreement, since it is not a contract. Even when the latter doesn't sound encouraging, it usually represents no problem at all for you to join your appointed hospital (remember the Match Participation Agreement). To obtain a permanent medical license, or training license, you need to contact the state medical board at the state you are going to work in, since every state has their own policies and requisites. Usually, you can download the requisites for a medical license from their respective website. The visa petition is a complex document that requires an attorney and a fee among other things. After the visa petition is completed and delivered to you, you must present the document to your local US embassy to obtain your visa.

As mentioned above, each program deals with the hiring of the interns in a different way. Some will do most of the work for you, and others may send you a big package of papers for you to process. Most hospitals will cover the cost of the medical license, but this is not a general rule. On the same token, some programs will take no responsibility in the process of the visa petition and you will have to cover the expenses of an attorney and all processing fees; some will help you with one part of the process; and others will take care for the whole visa petition for you. Bottom line is that you should wait for the PC instructions, follow them very closely, and deliver all documentation on time.

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