AMG's as well as IMG's must apply to the USMLE step 3 through the Federation of States Medical Boards ( ).

    •  Access the Examination Services section at the FSMB website and select the Step 3 Homepage. Review the information and the requirements set by each medical licensing authority, and then select the state board through which you will apply. Complete the on-line application filling the required information. Your USMLE identification number will be required to verify your USMLE credentials and exams pass/fail status. Be sure to use proper upper and lower cases when required, and to carefully write all your information. Your name must be written in Latin characters and must coincide exactly with the name in your passport or other government-issued credential. You will have the opportunity to review all your information and proofread it before submitting the application.

    Note: Most state medical boards request a determined amount of postgraduate training years to be eligible for USMLE Step 3. The states in which you are allowed to apply without any postgraduate experience are Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. The states of Louisiana and New York also require that an application for medical license has to be in process when applying for the USMLE step 3.

    •  After submitting your application, print the Certification of Identification. You will need to adhere one full face photo in the designated space of the Certification of Identification, and take it to a public notary who will verify your signature and stamp the form and your photo.

    •  You must pay the examination fee in order for your application to be processed. On-line payment option with credit cards is encounter while filling your on-line application.

Send the Certification of Identification through certificated mail or courier to the FSMB mailing address. FSMB will process your application and verify your credentials. If no inconvenient is encounter, a Scheduling Permit will be mailed to you. The Scheduling Permit is a red paper document of extreme importance. It is only with this document that you will be able to reserve a day for your exam.

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