The Scheduling Permit is the proof that you completed your registration in one of the USMLE steps. It is the only document that will allow you to make an appointment at any of the Thompson Prometric test centers throughout the United States and in any of the other designated countries. Also, it is an absolute requisite for you to enter the examination room.

The Scheduling Permit contains very important information that you will require to make your reservation. It contains your name (which must match exactly with the unexpired government-issued identification that you present the day of your exam), your address, your phone number, the exam you are going to take, the eligibility period, the country in which you will take the exam, your Scheduling Number, and your Candidate Identification Number. The CIN is the code that will allow you to start your exam once you are in front of the computer.

After making your reservation, keep your Scheduling Permit in a safe place and do not damage or write on this document.

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