Prometric advice to be at the testing center no less than 30 minutes before the exam starts. This is mainly because you must check in with a Prometric agent. The agent will verify that the name in your identification matches with the name in your Scheduling Permit, and then will give you a locker for you to put all your belongings except your identification, your Scheduling Permit, and a coat that you must be wearing all the time (you can't have it in your hand during the exam). Before entering the examination room, another agent will recheck your Scheduling Permit, keep it, and then ask you to sign and write the time you are entering the examination room. You will have to repeat the same procedure every time that you leave and reenter the examination room during breaks. Also, the agent will give you some plastic sheets, a couple of markers, and an eraser for you to take notes during the exam. You must write your CIN at the top of one of those sheets.

Once in the examination room, the clerk will take you to your sit and give you a couple of last instructions. To start your exam you should enter your CIN, and from that moment the time will start running. Once you start a block you can't stop unless you finished answering all of its questions or the time ran out. Try to keep the pace while answering and track of the time elapsed so you won't run out of time during each block and during breaks. After a block is completed, you may continue to the next block or you can take a brief break. During breaks you will be allowed to go to the rest rooms, have your lunch, or walk within the testing center. After a break, to continue with your exam you must reenter your CIN and the next block will appear. In the top left part of the screen there will be a box showing the time remaining for the current block, for the breaks, and for the entire exam session. Once you finish all blocks, and if you still have time, a short optional survey will appear in the screen with questions regarding the quality of the exam. Finish the survey, leave the examination room, and one of the clerks will give you a certificate indicating that you concluded your exam.

Prometric agents are very strict regarding irregular behavior inside the examination room so is better to do as they tell you and avoid doing things that might look suspicious like putting your hands inside your pockets, take off your coat, talking, or looking to your sides during the exam. You will be filmed and taped all the time and one of the agents will periodically check on you during your examination.