For the USMLE step 2 CS there is a completely different story. As mentioned before, this exam in not taken at Prometric. The 5 designated testing centers are specialized for this exam in particular. Punctuality is imperative and you should be there on time, but if you unavoidably got late, the exam won't start up to 30 minutes after the time that is in your permit.

While checking in, a clerk will verify your identification and designate you a number from 1 to 24. The waiting room has 24 numbered sits, and you should sit on the place that corresponds according to your number. Once all test takers are ready, instructions as well as some material will be given. You will receive 2 pens, a writing board, and 12 marked sheets of paper. The paper are for you to take notes during each case, do not write anything on those sheets until it is time to do it.

Then, you will be taken to another room with 24 numbered lockers, empty your pockets and put all your belongings in your designated locker. If you want to keep something with you (snacks, eye drops, lucky charms, etc) you have to keep it in your hand for now. The locker room will be locked throughout the entire examination.

The next room has 24 numbered desks, take your designated seat and leave on top of the table anything that you saved from the locker room. In that room you will receive a video tutorial and all the explanations required prior to the exam. The video presented is the same that you have in your USMLE CD.

The final room is the examination room. It contains 24 numbered doors, and behind each door there is a SP waiting. The clerks will tell you where to go at the beginning and after each case, just follow their instructions accordingly. Never start reviewing the chart's information until you receive notification to do so, otherwise you will be reprimanded. All test takers will have the same schedule during the exam, which means that they all will take breaks and lunch together. Lunch will be provided so don't worry in taking food with you. During breaks never talk with other examinees about the cases that you just saw, you will be taped and any irregular behavior will be notified. Once the exam is finished, and before leaving the testing center, one of the clerks will give you a certificate indicating that you concluded your exam.

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