A complete application must include at least three LOR's. Technically, any LOR is accepted, but for your letters to outstand try to follow the tips below:

    •  Obtain LOR's from physicians working at hospitals within the United States (IMG's).

    •  Try that the physician writing the LOR be from a renown institution and works in the same specialty that you are applying.

    •  Try to obtain a LOR from the Chairman of the specialty that you are applying.

    •  Ask the recommending physicians to include in the LOR all professional and personal qualities that they consider make you an outstanding candidate.

No one will write for you a good LOR unless they have the opportunity to know you; their name at the bottom of the letter means that they are risking their reputation in your behalf and you must earn that trust. The most common way to obtain a LOR is to do elective rotations in hospitals within the United States (check US Clinical Experienced ). At ERAS website ( www.aamc.org/eras ) you can download the Request for Letter of Recommendation/Cover Sheet, that you must give to the physician that agreed to write you a LOR. It contains your name and AAMC identification number, as well as recommendations on the elaboration of the letter. At the bottom part of the cover sheet you will have to establish if you waive or not your rights to see the LOR; waive your rights if you are sure that the writer will include strong commentaries on your behalf, or if the writer considers inconvenient if you do not. The recommending physician can either send the LOR directly to ERAS or hand it to you.

Once your LOR's are sent to ERAS, you must designate each letter specifying the letter's author, and his/her affiliation. Access your MyERAS and under the Documents section, select the Letter of Recommendation option. ERAS will look for the designated LOR among the documents that you sent, and will proceed with scanning the letter. You must complete the designation with each letter that you sent in order for ERAS to upload them to the system, and be ready by the time you start sending applications.

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