The personal statement is a short assay that you must elaborate. For many, it is the most challenging part of your application since it involves writing skills and originality. The personal statement is a tool that program directors use to know your goals and skills as a resident; and for you is the opportunity to advertise yourself. Start your PS making two lists; one with your goals and expectations, and the other with your skills, academic awards, and professional experiences. Basically, that's the kind of information PD's are looking in order to judge if a candidate is good. Then, start writing your PS and don't worry about mistakes at this point, just write putting the ideas in both lists in a reasonable order explaining why you want that specialty and why you are the resident they are looking for. Avoid describing how sad or emotive your life was or any spiritual experience that changed your life your good, focus on selling the image of the candidate that everybody wants. There are no specifications in terms of number of pages, fonts, or style, so take what it needs to describe your ideas. Have in mind that PD must read hundreds of PS so try to make something easy to read and not very long. Once you complete your first draft, start the editing process by asking others to proofread it. You will need time until the final draft is ready so start your PS a couple of months before the ERASPostOffice opens.

To upload your PS go to your MyERAS, enter the Documents section, and select the Personal Statement option. You can upload more than one PS so you have the opportunity to write one PS for every specialty or a specific program. To enter your PS into the system you can write it completely, or you can perform a copy-paste of the text from a word processor. You can also make any changes to your PS's until submission to a residency program.

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