While you are receiving invitations, you have to start planning your trip. Usually, once you confirm your appointment, the residency programs provide information regarding accommodation and transportation. Some programs cover the hotel or car expenses for your, and others will only give you a list of near hotels. It is up to you to make the whole plan and to reserve all your flights, car rentals, and hotel rooms. Have in mind that you will need to cover the following points a couple of weeks before the interview day:

    •  Transportation into the city (flights, train, bus, etc.)

    •  Transportation from the station to your hotel (shuttles, taxis, rentals, etc.)

    •  Sleep accommodations (hotels, motels, etc.)

    •  Transportation to the hospital (shuttles, taxis, rentals, etc.)

    •  Transportation out of the city (flights, train, bus, etc.)

Try to arrange all your travels at your best convenience. For most reservations you will need a valid credit card, so if you don't have one try to get one soon. You can quote all values in the internet or by phone, and if you plan with enough anticipation you can arrange your budget and even find a nice sale. You could save some money by trying to reserve two or three appointments at near places on the same week. In situations like these, to rent a car could be more convenient and cheap than using a taxi or a bus. Your luggage has to be kept at hand during every flight to avoid any inconvenient with your cloth, so travel light and follow all current airport regulations about hand baggage.

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