Fortunately, most interviews are very similar and you can know what is that you are going to do during one. The structure of a typical interview day is the following (not necessarily in that order):

  • Welcome by a house official
  • Morning report
  • Tour within the hospital facilities
  • Personal interview with one or more staff physicians
  • Noon conference
  • Lunch

Basically, what you need to do during an interview is to project the image of a committed, confident, and social physician. No PD wants a candidate that is not completely sure about working at his/her hospital, they expect commitment from you. You will hear several questions asking if you like the hospital, the work environment, or if you feel comfortable there. If you want that hospital, then you need to let them know by answering a big YES to those questions. During the personal interviews you might be asked peculiar things about almost any topic. The best way to be prepared to face that intimidating interrogation is to be confident. A confident person knows what he/she wants, what he/she has accomplished in life, and can answer calmly and straight forward.

It is not necessary for you to do something extraordinary of become somebody that you are not. You just have to be yourself and have in mind that you are evaluating them as much as they are evaluating you. Talk or ask if you feel like it or if you need to know something else about the program. Don't try to be a funny person or ask irrelevant things just to be noticed. Remember to always be polite and never behave in an improper way.

Unfortunately, that is what everybody does and therefore is hard to outstand from the other candidates. If you are very interested in a program what you should do is to show your commitment even more by asking to revisit the hospital in the near future, also known as a second view. A second view has several purposes; besides from showing genuine interest (a bluffer won't make the expense), it gives you the opportunity to talk to residents and staff physicians a lot more. A good word from somebody within the program to the PD can booster your chances tremendously; and by having the opportunity to talk with them in a more personal way, gives them the chance to know you and what a good asset to the program you can be.

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