The following table shows the fees established by the organisms involved in the main match. Changes can be made at any point, so you should confirm this information at the respective website before applying.

ERAS token issued by ECFMG (IMG's)


USMLE transcript


ERAS registration (application to 10 programs included)

  • Application to 11 to 20 programs
  • Application to 21 to 30 programs
  • Application to over 30 programs



$8.00 each one

$15.00 each one

$25.00 each one

NRMP registration


ROL submission

  • Up to 20 programs
  • Over 20 programs


$30.00 each one

It is encouraged that all payments should be done online with credit or debit card. Other payment forms like check or money order are available as well, but a payment invoice must be printed. In almost all cases, a non refund policy applies. Also have in mind that you have to complete each payment for the organizations to process your application.

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