A complete residency application is composed with several documents.  Some, like the personal statement, the CAF, and the USMLE transcript release must be processed by you at your MyERAS.  Others, like the LOR’s, the medical school transcript, the dean’s letter, and your photos must be sent to ERAS by you together with your designated dean.  Every time 1 or more documents are sent to ERAS, an ERAS Document Submission Form must be filled and attached.  You can find the form at the ERAS website (www.aamc.org/eras).

Once the ERASPostOffice opens, you must apply to a residency program and select among the documents that you sent which of them will be submitted to a particular program.  You will have to do the same process for each program that you will apply.  Under the Programs section at your MyERAS you will find the respective options to complete the submission process.  Use the ADTS to follow your application and see if and when the programs receive your documents (look under Track your Application at your MyERAS).