You should try to apply at the earliest possible, so manage to have your complete application by the time ERASPostOffice opens. It can take an average of thirty days from the day you applied to receive an answer from the programs, and the only thing that you can do during that time is to use the ADTS to follow your applications. If more than 60 days passed and there is still no answer, then you can try to contact the PC's and kindly ask if they reviewed your application and if there is a decision about it.

You may receive the answers as emails and/or as messages at your MyERAS, so constantly check both. Your MyERAS message box is located at the Account section, and the Message option will be red when there is new message waiting. If you receive an invitation the first thing to do is to celebrate; to obtain an invitation means that you were selected among thousands of applicants and you are now one step closer to your objective. Usually, the invitation message contains all the available days for interviews; you must contact the PC quickly and make your appointment the day that is most convenient to you. Spots at an interview day fill very fast, so move quickly. PC's are usually very kind people, and besides from giving you the appointment they can provide you with information concerning hospital directions, accommodations, interview day schedule, etc.

It is of concern to some applicants when is the most adequate moment to make your appointment; at the beginning or at the end of the interview season. Some people advocate interviewing at the end saying that PD's will remember your face. Others say that is better at the beginning since some PD's decide among the firsts interviewees. The true is that no one can tell for sure when is the best moment, and if you ask most programs they will tell you that it is irrelevant. So the best thing that you can do is to make your appointments at your best convenience in terms of travel arrangements.

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