When you sign up with the NRMP, you commit yourself to work in whatever program you matched with. In some occasions during interviews, when a program has interest in a particular candidate, they can offer a contract to be signed outside the match, also known as a prematch. This means that if you receive such offer, and accept it, you won't have to wait until the match to know if you get a job or not, you finally reach you goal.

Prematches have the reputation that only mediocre programs offer one, and that is not entirely true. A prematch is a completely legal job offer and it has to be considered by you based on your objectives, preferences, personal issues, etc. It is your responsibility to evaluate the program and determine if you are happy with the idea of working there the next three years of your life. For some it will be no issue to accept, others will prefer other programs and they will have a terrible time trying to decide. Nothing is written, and it is you who should put in a balance your preferences and your needs, talk it to the pillow, and make the call.

If you decide to accept the offer then you must withdraw from the NRMP. Log in at the NRMP website and select the option of Update Profile; look for the option Withdraw and select it. To confirm the process, log in again, go to the main page, and bellow your name you will read your NRMP status as withdrawn. After the ROL submission deadline, no applicant will be allowed to withdraw from the main match.

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