After all interviews, you should have an idea of which programs you prefer. The ROL should contain only the programs that you are willing to work in. In your ROL you have to put the programs in order of preference starting with the one that you like the most. You can include programs from any specialty and from any type (categorical, preliminary, or transitional). If you are planning to apply to an advanced position (PGY 2), then you can submit a supplemental ROL that includes the PGY 1 positions that correspond to the advanced positions that you applied, unless the required first year has already been accomplished.

You should not rank a program unless you feel truly comfortable with the idea of working there. The Match Participation Agreement binds you to your matched program, and neglecting the NRMP results by any side will result in investigation and probably sanctions. Some applicants tend to rank programs according to the chances they have of being ranked high in the program's ROL. The true is that such speculations won't influence the outcome of the match; you will match with the program that has interest in you no matter if it is not the first in the list. Basically, you should rank all programs that you interviewed at and that you liked enough; is not common for an applicant to attend more than 10 interviews so the number of programs to rank should not be an issue. Also consider that you are not allowed to ask officially if you will be ranked by a program; that kind of information should not be shared before the match and do not expect program staff to share it with you (in some peculiar cases they might).

To make your ROL you should access the My Rank Order List option at the NRMP website after you log in. Once you complete your ROL you must certify it to indicate that your list is ready to be used. If you want to make any changes in your ROL you can do it until the ROL submission deadline; and you have to certify your ROL again every time you make a change.

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