If you are planning to apply to the match with a partner, your applications can be considered together to increase the chances that both of you get the position you desire. This is called the couples match, and it is very similar to the main match until the moment the ROL has to be submitted.

Both partners have to fulfill all requirements at all match involved organizations (ERAS, NRMP, and ECFMG), complete their applications, and attend interviews. It is in the ROL that both partners indicate their desire to do a couples match, and the programs ranked in both lists have to be paired. A program in one ROL has to be paired with a program from the other applicant's ROL; the pairing can be made among different hospitals, different specialties, different types (categorical, preliminary, transitional, and advanced), and even in different cities. In each ROL there has to be the same number of programs, and if one of the partners wants to add programs alone, the other has to pair that choice with the No Match code meaning that he/she is willing to go unmatched if the partner gets that position. The couple will match to the first paired programs in the lists that accept both applicants. Have in mind that the couple's ROL are considered as one, both applicants have to be accepted, and if no couples match result the lists won't be considered individually.

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