The match results will be available to all participants at noon on the Monday of the match week (check current calendar). Your result will be emailed to you and/or posted at the NRMP website for you to see after log in. The match result will appear as one of the following six messages:

    •  Congratulations, you have matched!

    •  Congratulations, you have matched to an advanced position but not a first year position!

    •  Congratulations, you have matched to a one- year position (preliminary)

    •  We are sorry, you did not match to any position

    •  You are NOT matched because you did not submit a certified rank order list.

    •  You are NOT matched because you are withdrawn.

If you received the first message, then it is time for you to celebrate; you obtained a residency position and your goal has been accomplished. Congratulations!! You won't know at which program you were assigned to, you will have to wait until noon on the Thursday of the match week to receive specification about the hospital you matched with. If you didn't receive the message number one, try be calmed, you still have a couple more opportunities to get a position as a resident.

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