If you failed to obtain a residency position, remember that all the effort made so far is never wasted, so do not think in throwing the towel yet. You gained experience and you built credentials that will be useful for the next matching season; the only things to do now is to improve those credentials and determine what went wrong during the last match. Review your performance step by step and compare it with the information described here. May be you applied late to the programs, may be you don't have strong LOR's, or may be you applied to programs that want more than what you can offer. Analyze your performance and then you will know on what areas you should focus. Remember that by the time you receive the match result you are 3 months away from the beginning of the next matching season and 6 months away from ERASPostOffice to open again. You don't count with much time, so there is no chance for depression or sadness.Get up and go get your position!

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